Chapter Summaries
Genesis 1 - God created the heaven, the earth, plants, animals and man in six days
Genesis 2 - God blessed the seventh day; extra details of creation and the newly created earth
Genesis 3 - The serpent deceived Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden; God curses the earth; Adam and Eve sent out of the garden of Eden
Genesis 4 - Cain kills Abel; God curses Cain; Cain's decendants and family history
Genesis 5 - Family history of the line of sons from Adam to Noah
Genesis 6 - Wickedness in the earth increased; God declares to destory the world; God commands Noah to build an ark
Genesis 7 - Noah, his family, and animals enter ark; flood covers whole earth; all humans and land creatures outside ark destroyed
Genesis 8 - The flood ends and the waters receed; Noah, his family and the animals exit the ark; Noah made a burnt offering to God
Genesis 9 - God blesses Noah & family, outlines new diet, makes 'anti-world flood' covenant; Noah gets drunk; Noah dies
Genesis 10 - Family history of Shem, Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah
Genesis 11 - Tower of Babel built; LORD scatters & confounds the people from Babel; family history of Shem's descendants to Abram
Genesis 12 - LORD calls Abram out of his own country; Abram moves to Canaan, Bethel & Egypt; Abram lies to Egyptians about Sarai
Genesis 13 - Abram moves back to Bethel; Lot departs to Jordan; Abram moves to Canaan; LORD promises land & many descendants to Abram
Genesis 14 - War between kings in vale of Siddim; Lot taken captive in the war; Abram brought back Lot; Melchizedek blesses the LORD
Genesis 15 - LORD's word comes to Abram; LORD tells Abram the future of his descendants; LORD makes covenant with Abram
Genesis 16 - Sarai barren; Hagar given to Abram; Hagar conceives; Hagar flees to wilderness, then returns; Ishmael born to Hagar & Abram
Genesis 17 - Abram becomes Abraham; Sarai becomes Sarah; circumcision introduced to Abraham's household
Genesis 18 - The Lord & two angels appear to Abraham; they said Sarah would have a son; Abraham reasoned with the Lord about Sodom
Genesis 19 - Two angels met Lot in Sodom; Lot & family leave Sodom; Sodom & Gomorrah destroyed; Lot's daughters give birth
Genesis 20 - Abraham moved to Gerar, said to Abimelech (king of Gerar) that Sarah was his sister; Abimelech gave gifts to Abraham
Genesis 21 - Isaac born; Ishmael mocks; Hagar & Ishmael sent away; Ishmael grows up; Abraham makes covenant with Abimelech
Genesis 22 - God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, but God prevents it, and ram sacrificed instead; descendants of Nahor, Abraham's brother
Genesis 23 - Sarah died; Abraham purchases field of Ephron to use the cave as a burying place for Sarah; Sarah buried
Genesis 24 - Abraham's eldest servant takes Rebekah from Abraham's original home country as wife for Isaac and they are married
Genesis 25 - Abraham remarries; Abraham dies; Ishmael's family history; Jacob and Esau born; Esau sells birthright to Jacob
Genesis 26 - Isaac goes to Gerar, lies about Rebekah; Lord blesses Isaac; Abimelech and Isaac make peace covenant; Esau marries
Genesis 27 - Isaac grows old & requests meat from Esau; Jacob pretends to be Esau, tricks Isaac & obtains Esau's blessing; Esau hates Jacob
Genesis 28 - Isaac blesses Jacob & sends him to Laban in Haran; Esau marries again; Jacob sleeps at Bethel & dreams about ladder to heaven
Genesis 29 - Jacob meets Laban; Jacob works for Laban to marry Leah & Rachel; Laban tricks Jacob; Leah bares Reuben, Simeon, Levi & Judah
Genesis 30 - Dan, Naphtali, Gad & Asher born to maids; Leah bares Issachar, Zebulun & Dinah; Rachel bares Joseph; Jacob's cattle increase
Genesis 31 - Jacob secretly leaves Laban for Canaan; Rachel steals Laban's images; Laban chases Jacob; Jacob & Laban make peace covenant
Genesis 32 - Angels of God meet Jacob; Jacob fears Esau; Jacob gives to Esau; Jacob wrestles with God; Jacob's name changed to Israel
Genesis 33 - Jacob and Esau meet; Esau receives Jacob's gift; Esau returns to Seir; Jacob journeys to Succoth, then Shalem and erects altar
Genesis 34 - Shechem son of Hamor lies with Dinah; Hamor asks for Dinah; males in Shechem's city circumcised, later killed by Simeon & Levi
Genesis 35 - Jacob moves to Bethel; God promises to Jacob, changes name to Israel; Deborah dies; Rachel bares Banjamin then dies; Isaac dies
Genesis 36 - Esau marries Adah, Aholibamah & Bashemath from Canaan, has children, many cattle, dwells in Mt Seir; descendants of Esau named
Genesis 37 - Jacob dwells in Canaan; Joseph has dreams, hated by brothers, visits brothers in Dothan, sold to Ishmeelites, taken to Egypt
Genesis 38 - Judah sleeps with Shuah, bares Er, Onan & Shelah; Er marries Tamar; Er dies; Tamar acts as harlot, lies with Judah, bares twins
Genesis 39 - Joseph taken to Egypt, bought by Potiphar, made overseer, tempted by Potiphar's wife, he refused, was jailed, prospered in jail
Genesis 40 - Pharaoh's baker & butler offend king, cast into prison, have dreams; Joseph interprets dreams; butler restored; baker killed
Genesis 41 - Pharaoh dreams, is troubled, calls Joseph; Joseph interprets dreams, made ruler of Egypt, marries, has 2 children; 7 yrs famine
Genesis 42 - Joseph's ten brothers go to Egypt to buy corn; Joseph accuses his brothers of being spies & requests Benjamin to come to Egypt
Genesis 43 - Joseph's brothers go with Benjamin & double money to Egypt again; Joseph has feast with his brothers, favours Benjamin
Genesis 44 - Joseph accuses brothers of stealing his silver cup, requires Benjamin to stay in Egypt; Judah offers to take Benjamin's place
Genesis 45 - Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, offers gifts & land of Goshen to his father & brothers; his brothers return to Canaan
Genesis 46 - God reveals to Israel to go to Egypt; Jacob & all his household move to Egypt; Descendants of Israel listed; Joseph sees Israel
Genesis 47 - Pharaoh meets Joseph's father & brothers, offers them best land in Egypt; famine worsens; Egyptians trade cattle, land for food
Genesis 48 - Joseph & his two sons, Manesseh & Ephraim, meet Jacob; Jacob blesses Joseph's two sons, saying the younger shall be greater
Genesis 49 - Jacob gathers his 12 sons, commands, blesses & prophecies concerning them, charges them to bury him with his father; Jacob dies
Genesis 50 - Jacob is embalmed, mourned for; Joseph, family & Egyptians bury Jacob in Canaan; Joseph forgives his brothers; Joseph dies